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English Curriculum

Funhouse Nursery is proud to be bilingual and caters to both Francophone and Anglophone speaking communities


(14 Months to 2.5 years)

Funhouse Nursery’s experienced staff will make sure to look for the best methods and approaches to develop your child’s gross/fine motor skills, language/cognitive skills and assess his/her physical and emotional development. The toddlers of Funhouse Nursery develop a love for sharing, being independent, and experiencing the fun of learning through play.

Pre Schoolers get a head start at Fun House Nursery with planned learning sessions held during activity times. Classes are stimulating, enjoyable and designed to help your child prepare for the transition from pre-school to a more formalised school education.

At this age, children explore many new emotions and capabilities the most important of which is autonomy. Children adjust socially and emotionally developing a sense of responsibility, independence and emotional control. With regards to physical growth, they build up gross and fine motor skills and develop coordination. Academically, the children have a firm grasp of the basic concepts of math, language, jolly phonics, pre writing skills, music and science.

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(4 years to 7 years)

At this age, the children have a head start over their peers in terms of preparations for thematic activities and subjects to be covered later on at School. Our teachers and staff ensure that the child is well prepared for the School Entrance Examination.

Classes are structured towards the development of languages, writing, pre-reading as well as the basic concepts of language, mathematics, science,  computer and  social studies.

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