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About Us

Your Child Is In Great Hands


​Our Approach

Revealing every child's greatest potential and prepare them to be leaders of the future.

Providing your child with a nurturing environment in which he/she is constantly followed and guided as he/she develops to his/her highest potential in his/her own time.

Providing your child with the basic skills necessary for a lifetime of learning in terms of social behaviour, discipline, and creative thinking.

Making sure that learning is fun, exciting, and interesting thus developing a positive attitude towards school and education.

Encouraging your child to take initiatives, develop and enhance curiosity and self-esteem, and use his/her imagination in creative ways.

Our Philosophy


Children are precious gifts, with unique talents and abilities. We strive to encourage innovative thinking, aesthetic appreciation, and imagination. We are dedicated and committed to providing the highest childcare quality services.

All programs are both age-appropriate and individually appropriate geared to the child’s individual needs and enhancing the capabilities of the whole child.


We offer a safe and loving environment where both children and parents feel happy and comfortable. We know that kids have different needs than adults and we are here to cater to those special needs in all their different aspects. Children are given the opportunity to interact and play in meaningful ways with the use of materials found in different cultures and experience the original and unique settings where creativity is fostered and cultivated to encourage them to take initiatives and happily blossom and develop realising their full potential.


We are a team of enthusiastic, professional specialised educators working in partnership with parents to build mutual understanding and trust to ensure the welfare and optimal development of the child. The ratio of students to teachers is three to one in all our classes.


Developmentally appropriate activities are provided at all age levels where small/large groups share information and express their creativity in a variety of areas such as theatrical plays, sports, puppet shows, etc. using innovative weekly themes.

Classes are stimulating, enjoyable, and designed to ensure that the child is prepared for the transition from preschool to a more formal school education.


We ensure that we provide a hygienic and safe environment at all times. All teachers are trained to administer simple first aid for minor injuries in school.

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